• Premium High Quality Calcium Hypochlorite Septic Tablets

  • Septicfit Chlorine Tablets

    Achieve peak performance and cleanliness in your aerobic septic system with Septicfit high-quality calcium hypochlorite tablets. Septicfit is engineered for use in aerobic septic systems equipped with tablet chlorinators. Septicfit’s unique chemistry and size provide superior performance in most aerobic septic systems.  Septicfit®’s unique additive package not only enhances performance, but helps keep the chlorinator tube clean and scale free.

    • Kills Bacteria
    • Eliminates Odors
    • exceeds the NSF/ANSI 60 Standard – Certified by UL Water Treatment
    • US EPA Registered – EPA Reg. No. 86460-4
    • Safe Alternative to liquid chlorine bleach

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  • Convenient Packaging

    In an effort to reduce the amount of space required during storage, Septicfit tablets are packaged in the space saving superCube pails. Septicfit tablets are available in four different size to cover the needs of the septic system demands.

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