Septicfit Septic Chlorine Tablet - 132 Tablet Pail - 45 lb

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Septicfit®, calcium hypochlorite tablets are engineered for use in aerobic septic systems equipped with tablet chlorinators.  Septicfit®’s unique chemistry and size provide superior performance in most aerobic septic systems.  Septicfit®’s unique additive package not only enhances performance, but helps keep the chlorinator tube clean and scale free. Package contains (6 tablets, 4 6 tablet SuperCubes, 26 tablets, 55 tablets, or 132 tablets) with a nominal weight of 155 grams each. 
    • Septicfit® Kills Bacteria

    • Septicfit® Eliminates Odors

    • Septicfit® is a Safe Alternative to liquid chlorine bleach

    • Do not mix Septicfit® or any other brand of calcium hypochlorite tablets with any other chemicals; especially swimming pool tablets 
        • Swimming pool tablets commonly found at your local hardware or retail store are not designed for use in any aerobic septic systems.  Pool tablets are made from a chemical that is not compatible with aerobic septic systems and when used instead of a septic tablet a hazardous gas can develop.  That hazardous gas can be deadly if inhaled.  Mixing of those pool tablets with Septicfit® or any other tablet designed for aerobic septic systems can cause fire or explosion.

        • Septicfit® is US EPA Registered – EPA Reg. No. 86460-4
        • Septicfit® exceeds the NSF/ANSI 60 Standard – Certified by UL Water Treatment

        • An average household will use about 6 Septicfit® tablets (2 pounds) per month.

Special Note: As with all chlorine products, Septicfit® is a Hazardous Material and can only be shipped from designated Hazardous Materials shipping centers.  These types of products cannot be shipped to Post Office Boxes or by any expedited shipping methods; parcel ground shipments only.  The listed price includes any applicable Hazardous Material Surcharge associated with transportation of hazardous materials.