WellFit 1g Calcium Hypochlorite AST Tablets 2 lbs. Bottel

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    • Tablet Weight: 1 gram

    • 2 lbs of tablets per bottel

    • Pellet Dimensions: 3/8" x 5/16" (9.5mm x 7.9mm)

    • 68% Calcium Hypochlorite

    • Less Powder Residue Created

    • Reduced Jamming Potential

    • Child-Proof Containers

    • EPA Reg. No 86460-4

    • CAS No. 7778-54-3

    • Pellets MAY BE used for Shocking Wells

Directions for Use: Use in pellet dispenser for automatically treating well water in areas where treated water supplies are not available. Place pellets at the base of a well to sanitize until consumed. It is not intended to replace safe and properly constructed wells. To produce 50 ppm available chlorine solution use 1 oz. (28 pellets) calcium hypochlorite for each 100 gallons of water.